How to wean a dog from lustful behavior

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Chris White

    Dogs don't always behave perfectly. Sudden displays of sexual intercourse with animals or people make owners uncomfortable. Inappropriate behavior in male dogs must be corrected. This way you avoid embarrassing situations and fights with other dogs.

    Why it is important to express disapproval

    Unwanted dog behavior should not be encouraged. This rule should be followed by everyone in your family. The opinion that there is nothing wrong with such actions is wrong. Some people think that the "attack" of the dog on the toy looks even funny. But if you do not yank the dog and do not prohibit the imitation of sexual act with inanimate objects, he will switch to live objects. This behavior shouldThe dog has to understand that this is not the right way to behave.

    Don't let family members laugh or encourage your dog. Once he notices that people are showing signs of pleasure, he'll see it as permission. Indirect approval is just as dangerous as direct approval.

    If a dog is bothering you

    If your dog is behaving indecently towards you on a walk or at home and tries to perform friction, correct his behaviour with a few effective tricks.

    • Method #1 - loud sound

      Whistle, clap your hands sharply, or command "Ew!" loudly. Loud harsh sounds will scare the dog's intentions. But don't allow anger or aggression towards the dog so as not to agitate him. Whistle or shout not only at the beginning, but also when the dog stops.

    • Method #2 - ignoring

      This method will work if the dog is attracting attention. Ignore the lewd behaviour by walking away. You can gently shoo the dog away by taking his front paws and place them on the ground. Be calm in the process.

    • Method #3 - pause

      If the dog does not respond to the command to stop, then isolate him. After giving a strict "Ew!" command, take him into a locked room and leave him until he calms down. A few minutes is usually enough. There should be no toys in the room. When letting the pet out, behave as usual.

    • Method #4 - shifting attention

      Switch to playing a game or other fun activity. Let the dog release energy in other ways, such as fetching a ball or doing tricks. Reward him for following commands correctly.

    If a dog is molesting someone

    Controlling your dog's behaviour towards animals or people is more difficult. A classic leash (120 to 180cm long) or a shorter one should do the trick. If your dog is constantly fidgeting, always lead him on a leash when other people or animals are around. It will help to calm aggression and allow you to take him to a secluded spot using method three, as detailed above.

    If you see a dog trying to mimic sexual intercourse with an animal or person, keep the dog away from the object of desire. The dog may exhibit dominant behaviour, pawing, pounce. Stand between the dog and the object and be calm. Calm a dog that is too aggressive by lightly pressing with your knee or thigh. Show that you are in control and will interveneunwanted behavior.

    Train him to ignore his kennel. Use stop, walk towards you, stop when a strange dog enters your sight and reward each command with a treat.

    Prevention of indecent behaviour

    To prevent unwanted behaviour, make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise. Excess energy is bad for him. Go for daily walks twice a day and let him run, play and follow your commands as much as possible. He should be physically and mentally exhausted.

    Recognize signs of the onset of unwanted behavior. Observe your pet and pay attention to his or her actions before committing friction. For example, these could be:

    • sounds - panting, whimpering;
    • actions - scraping paw movements, attempts to rub the backside, licking.

    As soon as you see these signs, distract him with toys, commands, requests for items, or engaging him in play.

    Protect your dog from high levels of stress so he doesn't freak out if he gets nervous. See if any unwanted behaviour is a result of being around a source of stress. If your dog gets overly anxious, find ways to tone it down.

    Help of specialists

    If you can't handle the problem yourself, seek professional help. Get a professional trainer to train your recalcitrant pet for a dominant display. He'll show him that you're in charge of your tandem.

    The display of aggression when he tries to stop kicks is also corrected. The help of a behaviourist will be required here. If there is no behaviourist available, ask a dog trainer for help and they should preferably be experienced in correcting aggressive behavior. The more aggressive the dog and the greater the risk of injury, the more experiencedshould be a specialist.

    A veterinarian can also help the owner of an overly horny dog. If the cause of the indecent behavior is stress, it will be relieved by medication therapy. The doctor will prescribe sedatives that will improve the psychological and physical condition of the pet, normalize behavior. But such a measure is an emergency, and should be resorted to only in the most severe cases. If the dog is too anxious,shows signs of disruptive behavior - medical attention is required.

    Don't tolerate unacceptable behavior from your dog. He can be weaned from the constant urge to friction either on his own or with the help of professionals.

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